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Taking the mystery out of
what's in your glass!
Green Wall

About Us


Cocktail Uncultured is for everyone who wants to know and appreciate more about what's in your glass.

We're Uri and Eric. We met at a local bar where Uri started as a patron of Eric, growing into a strong friendship based on building delicious, innovative cocktails.

We quickly realized that we all started from the same place: we didn't know what made cocktails great, but we knew a good one when we tried it. We all personally made it our mission to learn more through books, videos, and of course trial and error.

We want to share what we know with YOU, the at-home bartender yearning to learn more. Join us for online classes to learn more about cocktails and how to make them yourself!


Cocktail Girl

Online Cocktail Classes

There's nothing better than a cocktail class for getting all your friends, family, or coworkers together (safely!).

A Cocktail Uncultured class is fantastic for virtual happy hours, a fun family time, or for meeting new fellow cocktail enthusiasts!

Cocktail classes come with:

  • A shopping list before the class

  • Step-by-step instruction for crafting your own amazing cocktails at home

  • A welcoming environment for students of all experience levels from novice beginner to experienced mixologist!

  • Time for Q&A

  • After the class, a full menu with drinks and recipes covered in the class will be emailed

And of course, we're happy to customize a class to your specific needs!

Online Cocktal Classes

Doin' it for the Gram

Marble Surface

Uri is an incredible guide to the world of at-home cocktails! I've upped my game and can't wait to take my knowledge back to my local bar.


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